Where should we play next?

We’re looking for your help to decide where we should aim to play our next Ottawa gig. The Ethics have been playing around this town for several years now and we’ve enjoyed playing different rooms at different times, and for different reasons. Our Bluesfest gig this past summer at the Barney Danson Theatre takes the cake for best sound and lighting, but it’s a special treat to play in a soft seater theatre and gigs like that don’t come around too often. We tend to gravitate towards a few pub and club venues in Ottawa for our full-band shows, and the ones we keep coming back to are Babylon (for big shows like our two album-release parties), Irene’s (so cozy, and always a great night), The Rainbow (awesome vibe, novel second floor balcony), and the Black Sheep Inn (pretty much speaks for itself). We have also had good experiences with recent gigs at Maverick’s and the Elmdale House.

But what we really want to know is where you want to see us play. Is there somewhere we haven’t played that we should check out? Somewhere we have to revisit? Let us know using this poll, and the comments section below…


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