Raw Sugar with Slow Down, Molasses and Jeans Boots – March 30

Slow down, Molasses started over the summer of 2006, at first it was just a few quiet songs and day dreams of lost blues and ocean songs. A couple tepid attempts at solo shows were made, Neil was covered, so was Low. Between these shows and a few too many late night’s out like minded co-conspirators were found, first drums, and keyboards, soon enough bass and banjo, lap steel and violin. Now a seven piece consisting of members & ex-members of some of Saskatoon’s finest bands, there are still the same quiet melancholy songs, but now the occasional noisy excursion or anthemic build appears, letting lo-fi indie rock songs and alt-country rave ups sit nicely next to late night lullaby’s and a lazy falsetto drawl.


Wednesday, March 30 at 9:00pm


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